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Aluminum Composite Materials (ACM)

  • Ultra-modern and unique, ACM or aluminum composite material provides unparallel beauty with the metallic sheen to depict 21st century technology.

  • Vynex Signs Philippines, Inc. acquired the complete equipment and facilities of ASI Company. The equipment and facilities taken over is capable of rolling out a total of 35 standard sized service stations per week routed, pressed, bent, cut and positioned for sign system made of Aluminum Composite Material.

  • With signage practice today many banking institutions and retail stores have adopted the use of ACM.  With ACM lifespan of sign is extended and with precision router cutting appearance of sign becomes more attractive.

Acrylic Signage

  • Acrylic signages are commonly used to fabricate mascots in restaurant or store. Customers instantly recognize a character from great distances. Acrylic signage can be done in any form like wood, plastic, fiberglass and life-size of gargantuan. Vynex Signs produces acrylic logos with state of the art Vacuum forming machines

Dimensional / Routed Signage

  • Routed signs are mostly used by specialty restaurants to get a more country feel being that routed signs have the look of meticulously carved wood all routed signs made by Vynex Signs are done with in-house maintained routers.  Within facility are 3Dimentional routers along with vertical and engraving routers.

  • Vynex has equipment and the skilled operators to execute the designs not only on wood but also on stone and other routable materials there are many possibilities in design with the use of routers in sign production.

Fiberglass Monoliths

  • Fiberglass monoliths are currently being utilized not only in service stations such as the one on the left but to mark corporate headquarters as well.

  • Company can have their individual of custom made signboard installed on the monolith (a possible source of monthly revenue) or the property developers and managers automatically add a generic directory entry for all estates tenants.

  • The monolith is advantageous as it can be a visible landmark which people can use in giving directions; drawing attention to it and consequently making it a potent advertising tool.

  • The immensity of size, vividness of colors, beauty design and strategic placement determines its affectivity - Vynex Signs Philippines can assist you all in these aspects.


  • Lettering can be rendered in almost any form and type using a vast variety of materials. Some materials used are Brass, stainless, copper, Iron, wood and Acrylic basic of any signage.  From this base we can take a sign to any dimension to make attractive and eye catching

Neon Signage

  • Neon signs are excellent site to behold and are oftentimes landmarks and points of reference in the metropolis. Bended neon tubes of given design of various colors, Can be installed in an open space with painted background in a built-up letters front site, or inside a built-up box letters.

Traffic/ Road Signs

  • Quality of signage can help tell where you are. Without signage we would be lost, road signs, street signs, building markers, and sign posts mark places in such a way that it helps us find our way made from die cut aluminum or plain G.I. sheet depending on the clients requirement

Vinyl Banners

  • Vinyl Banners are cost-effective, relatively quick to produce, easily installed, come in a variety of colors and are virtually unlimited in size as they can be joined with ease.

  • Impressive full color graphics that can be draped against an entire side of a building makes it an extremely effective advertising tool.

Flexible Substrate Signage

  • The outstanding flexibility of 3M Panaflex Signage and its relatively lower cost makes this the signage of choice for many businesses.

  • The entire periphery of a building or establishment can be spanned with this back-lit material to improve visibility and identify which is why this type of signage is widely utilized by banks, restaurants and retailers.

  • 3M GIVES a 5- years warranty on their products and we give the same to our customers.

Ad Space

  • Ad Space Rental Division. Presently there are various sized Illuminated Poster Display Units installed in high density malls throughout the Metropolitan Manila area.
  • Packages offered for yearly, half year and quarter year rentals.

Snap Frames

  • Used for menuboards or simple frames with interchangeable requirements
  • Extrusion based


  • Various extrusion based systems ready to cut and install
  • Custom made directories also can be created based on client requirement


  • Any sign is possible – if you can design, draw or imagine it we can produce, manufacture and install it.

Ad Space

  • Ad Space Rental Division.  Presently there are various sized Illuminated Poster Display Units installed in high density malls throughout the Metropolitan Manila area.

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